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Therapeutic & Body Treatments

Signature Massage 45/60/90 Min | Therapeutic massage techniques are used to relieve stress and tension.
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage 45/60/90 Min | Specific areas of muscular stress and tension are targeted with a combination of deep, manual massage and stretching techniques.
Couples Signature Massage 45/60/90 Min | Indulge in a full body massage together in our luxurious couple’s room.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage 45/60/90 Min | helping fluid and waste toxins leave the body, therefore regulating the body's immune system.
Hot Stone Massage 60/90 Min | Deep relaxation and tension release is achieved through therapeutic massage techniques and warm hot stones.
Lava Shell Massage 60/90 Min | type of heat treatment that uses Tiger-striped clam shells as a massage tool.
Prenatal Massage 60 Min | Designed to provide relief from aches and pains while pampering and re-energizing the expectant mom. Mom’s must be past their first trimester
Cupping Massage 60 Min | This unique technique improves circulation, flushes toxins out, relaxes muscles, increases metabolism and stimulates vital energy points.
Thai Herbal Massage 90 Min | to relieve tired minds and sore bodies. The compresses, heated parcels of aromaticherbs and spices.
Mediterranean Executive Hammam 90min| Steam room, Exfoliate and massage
Royal Executive Hammam 120min| Aroma Steam Therapy, Exfoliate, body mask and body massage
Turkish Hammam (60/90/120 Min)
Aroma Therapy Steam | Experience the soothing effect of essential oils on your body, mind and spirit.
Acupuncture (60 Mins)

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Body Care Treatments

Body Exfoliant 60 Min | Indulgent body exfoliation is followed by complete body moisturizer to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.
Detoxifying Mud Wrap 90 Min | After exfoliation and application of a detox masque your body is wrapped to help draw out toxins, alleviate muscular fatique and remineralize your skin
Precision Slimming Treatment * 90 Min|

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