Bed Head Ego Boost


The complex conditioner moisturizes hair, leaving it smoother and easier to comb.

It provides a smooth texture and a natural glow.

Its formula contains keratin, known to reduce frizz and leave hair more manageable.

Boost that ego and save your hair.

This leave-in conditioner helps repair split ends and protect dry, damaged hair environmental,chemical treatments and brushing.


Propylene Glycol

• Conditions & moisturizes hairAmodimethicone

• Conditions hair & enhances shineCetrimonium Chloride

• Conditions & moisturizes hairGuar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

• Conditions & thickens hairPVP

• Adds strength, elasticity & smoothness Cyclomethicone

• Conditions hair & enhances shineDimethicone Copolyol

• Conditions & moisturizes hairCitric Acid

• Adjusts hair’s pH


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